Dog Logic: A Pooch's Guide to Dogs Behaving Badly.pdf

Dog Logic: A Pooch's Guide to Dogs Behaving Badly.pdf


Have you ever wondered just what goes on in a dog's head? Have you ever wanted to talk to your dog so he'll really understand you? Does your loveable pooch have some not-so-loveable habits? Why not take an informative and entertaining walk on the wild side with Dog Logic, a unique view of the world, one that is both canine created and related. And who better to take you on a journey deep into the canine world, but a member of the pack himself-Sox-the quintessential Aussie Cattle Dog and four-legged philosopher. With 19 chapters covering issues from barking, beds and biting, to worrisome walks and everything in between, Sox offers his humorous but practical advice on resolving your doggy dilemmas. Supported with terrific tips from Bark Busters, the alpha humans of the dog-training world, each chapter provides both canine and two-legged advice that is fun, uplifting and relevant. As a RSPCA puppy who overcame a difficult start to life, Sox is proof that a dog from the wrong side of the pound can achieve greatness. And as the canine consultant to Dog Logic, Sox is no stranger to fame, having written a regular full-page column in bark Australia magazine. Combining the creative genius of Sox the Philosophical Pooch, and his human assistant, Robyn Osborne, Dog Logic is the must-have book if you already have a dog in your life, or are searching for the ideal canine companion. It's also a great gift idea for your dog-friendly family and friends.


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