JavaScript Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach.pdf

JavaScript Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach.pdf


JavaScript Recipes is your go-to reference for tackling common and advanced JavaScript tasks. JavaScript is the world's most popular client-side scripting language and is gaining popularity on the server. Using a problem-solution approach, this book takes you from language basics like built-in objects and flow control all the way to advanced optimization techniques, frameworks and Node.js. Quickly discover solutions to common problems, best practices you can follow, and everything JavaScript has to offer. You will learn language fundamentals like types, conversions, execution contexts, expressions, operators, statements, and built-in objects. With this book you'll be able to explore and make the most of your script's host environment and how to create your own JavaScript host using Google's V8 engine. Employ advanced optimization techniques to create scripts that execute as fast, or faster, than native executables. JavaScript is a powerful language that developers have used to write 3D games, compilers and even a virtual machine that boots Linux. JavaScript Recipes shows you how to avoid wasting development time and concentrate on developing cutting-edge applications. You'll see how much quicker and efficient it is to develop with JavaScript. Start becoming a JavaScript pro with JavaScript Recipes today.

Drew Barfield is a software engineer and webmaster from Wilmington North Carolina. He has worked in software development since graduating from the University of North Carolina, initially as a legacy desktop developer, then web developer, and now is the Chief Technology Officer and partner of technology company ILM Labs, LLC. He prides himself on staying current with cutting edge technologies, and producing the best solutions for his clients. Outside of the technology world, Drew also likes to travel, has a fascination with helicopters and quad-copters, and has close friends living all over the world. He has also been known to open-up the throttle on Lake Anna Virginia, drink Guinness, and have a cookout in the dead of winter.

1. Chapter One: Working with JavaScript Data Types 2. Chapter Two: Working with Expressions 3. Chapter Three: Working with Strings 4. Chapter Four: Working with Numbers and Math 5. Chapter Five: Working with Bitwise Operations against 32-bit Integers 6. Chapter Six: Dates and Times 7. Chapter Seven: Working with Arrays 8. Chapter Eight: Working with Arrays in Loops 9. Chapter Nine: Working with Objects 10. Chapter Ten: Working with Sets 11. Chapter Eleven: Working with Maps 12. Chapter Twelve: Working with Functions 13. Chapter Thirteen: Working with Iterators and Generators 14. Chapter Fourteen: Working with Template Strings 15. Chapter Fifteen: Working with Symbols 16. Chapter Sixteen: Working with Proxies 17. Chapter Seventeen: Working with Classes 18. Chapter Eighteen: Working with Events 19. Chapter Nineteen: Debugging and Handling Exceptions 20. Chapter Twenty: Working with Regular Expressions 21. Chapter Twenty-One: Working with Asynchronous Control Flow and Promises 22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Working with Modules


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