Designing the Brand Identity in Retail Spaces.pdf

Designing the Brand Identity in Retail Spaces.pdf


Without design, the "brand identity" is just a name, sometimes paired with a statement that enumerates the values of the company. It is two-dimensional when written down or printed. The task for the retail designer is to turn that name or statement into a three-dimensional environment in which consumers may interact with the brand's product or services. Designing the Brand Identity in Retail Spaces is a casebook that shows and tells how architects and store designers have tackled that challenge. With nearly 300 examples from 48 renowned brands from around the world, this book examines every stage of a brand's "lifetime," from inception to show room. Cases run the retail gamut, including restaurants, department stores, and luxury brands. Each case is paired with analysis and interviews with brand managers and designers, guiding the reader through the entire design process. Easy to read and replete with stunning illustrations, this is the perfect primer for students and young professionals creating brand identities in their retail design.

Martin M. Pegler is a New York-based international lecturer who has been in the field of visual merchandising and store design for over 60 years.

Introduction Part 1: A Brand is Born Double Wide Grill apple & pie Youtopia Susanna Pizzeria Sal Curioso Central Kitchen QELA MEDI McCormick Vince Camuto PUMA Factory Outlet etre belle hr2 Barbisio Factory Part 2: A Brand Makeover A ropostale Buffalo Wild Wings House of Kipling Domino's Ann Summers Bell Monton Solara Barbican Oakville Grocery Sandbar Dorma Part 3: A Brand Travels Galeries Lafayette Wrangler Maidenform Allen Solly Carlo Pazolini Joe Fresh PUMA Osaka Wawa Whole Foods HUGO BOSS JanSport adidas Part 4: A Brand Statement Karl Lagerfeld London Ben Sherman Rodd & Gunn Baccarat Cortefiel Camper Fifth Ave. Camper Shanghai Great Dane FC Bayern Fan Shop Casa Palacio Swarovski Conclusion Appendix: List of Designers


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