72 Hours at the Craps Table.pdf

72 Hours at the Craps Table.pdf


This underground craps classic, a must for serious craps players, is released to the general public for the first time

This underground craps classic, reprinted more than a dozen times, is an essential guide for craps players serious about making money The book outlines 72 straight hours at the craps table faithfully recording every single roll, shoot, streak, win, and loss in real, actual game action. This invaluable guide is mandatory for systems players who need actual results to test their systems before committing money to live games. This classic, still-powerful book allows system testers to see what might have happened in a 72-hour period at the tables. Not computer generated, actual casino rolls are recorded. If players think a spreadsheet can make numbers this random, they’re taking a leap of faith. This book is the proving ground for craps systems.

B. Mickelson is a lifelong player and craps systems evaluator and analyst. He’s played carps in all the big casinos with many substantial wins to his credit.


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