My Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.pdf

My Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.pdf



Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Pages, Numbers, and Keynote is your must-have companion for Apple's iWork - no matter what platform or device you're accessing it from! Expert "iTechnology" author Brad Miser walks you through every task you'll want to perform, including: 

  • Entering and formatting text and graphics in Pages
  • Working with data and formulas in Numbers
  • Adding graphics, video and audio to Keynote presentations
  • Incorporating text, graphics, video, and audio in Keynote presentations
  • Printing iWork content and publishing or presenting it online
  • And much more

Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Everything's clearly organized in modular, self-contained chapters designed to help you get up-and-running in no time. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips, lists, and quick solutions to the problems you're most likely to encounter.

1. Getting Started with iWork
2. Getting Started with Pages
3. Adding and Formatting Text in Pages
4. Adding and Formatting Graphics in Pages
5. Adding and Formatting Tables in Pages
6. Editing and Publishing Documents with Pages
7. Getting Started with Numbers
8. Adding Data to Numbers Spreadsheets
9. Working with Numbers Formulas
10. Formatting Numbers Spreadsheets
11. Editing and Publishing Numbers
12. Getting Started with Keynote
13. Adding Text to Keynote Slides
14. Adding Graphics, Video, and Audio
15. Finalizing Keynote Presentations
16. Running a Keynote Presentation


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