Loving Learning - How Progressive Education Can Save America's Schools.pdf

Loving Learning - How Progressive Education Can Save America's Schools.pdf


American education is in crisis. While we look to Finland or South Korea for models of success, progressive education has been forging creative thinkers in the United States for over one hundred years. The longtime head of Park Day School, Tom Little before being diagnosed with lethal cancer went on a national tour of progressive schools to bring their combined educational knowledge together in this, his life s work. As Little and journalist Katherine Ellison show, progressive educators help children develop twenty-first-century skills by emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Progressive educators teach across disciplines, design lessons inspired by the students interests, and use hands-on learning. Little and Ellison introduce us to students galvanized by real-world learning experiences such as creating businesses to sell student-made goods for charity, and they describe how progressive teachers work to awaken youths sense of social justice, engaging them with issues in their community and beyond."

Tom Little is a visionary champion of progressive education at a time when American children are more in need of its enlightened methods than ever. His book is provocative, educational, and full of wisdom and heart. --Deborah Meier, educator and MacArthur Award recipient"


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