Staying Alive: How to Get the Best Out of the NHS - Advice from a GP.pdf

Staying Alive: How to Get the Best Out of the NHS - Advice from a GP.pdf


The NHS is our most treasured institution, but even caring doctors have too many patients and too little time, while patients often feel too overwhelmed, embarrassed, intimidated or ill to ask the right questions. Your chances of getting the best care that's right for you are greatly improved if you are able to share in decisions about your treatment. In Staying Alive, Dr Phil Hammond, a GP and campaigner with unrivalled sympathy for patients' needs, helps give you the confidence and the tools to take control of your health care, and shows you in a friendly but authoritative way how to navigate the system. This book will show you how to get your GP to listen to you and take your symptoms seriously, how to get hold of your patient records so you can ensure they're correct, how to get a second opinion and, most importantly, how to get better (and in turn help make the NHS better too).

Phil Hammond is a doctor, journalist, and broadcaster. Dr Phil has been Private Eye's medical correspondent since 1992, campaigning for open data in the NHS and for better support for whistleblowers. He broke the Bristol children's heart surgery scandal, leading to the largest public enquiry in the history of the NHS, and has been instrumental in reporting more recent stories, including the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust scandal. Phil appears regularly on Have I Got News for You, The News Quiz, The Now Show and The One Show. This is his fourth book.


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