European State Aid Law: A Commentary.pdf

European State Aid Law: A Commentary.pdf


The regulation of state aid belongs to the core areas of European Union law. Without the general prohibition of state subsidies to undertakings competitiveness would be distorted and the benefits of the internal market would be put in jeopardy. This book deals systematically article-by-article with the basic principles, the proceedings, and the implementation of state aid law as laid down in Articles 107 to 109 TFEU, as well as the general block exemptions regulation (Regulation No 800/2008) and the Council Regulation (EC) No 659/1999 laying down detailed rules for the application of Article 93 TEC. Further, this commentary deals in detail with the rules regulating state aid in specific sectors such as telecommunication, postal services, broadcast and television, energy/coal, banking, railroads, road transport, shipping, air traffic/airports, automotive industry, shipbuilding, steel, housing, agriculture, fishery, culture/tourism/sport, and health. Contributors: Christoph Arhold; Johann Br ck; Charlotte Dupuis; Dr Birgit Haslinger; Prof Dr Justus Haucap; Dr Thomas Jaeger LL.M.; Dr Thomas Jestaedt; Dr Ulrich Karpenstein; Prof Dr J rgen Ke ler; Bernhard Klein; Michael Knoblich; Dr Thomas K ster; Dr Viktor Kreuschitz; Dr Max Lienemeyer; Michael Niejahr; Nina Niejahr; RA Dr Marco N ez M ller; Soultana Paschalidou; Dr Andreas Rosenfeld; Prof Dr Dr Dr hc Franz J rgen S cker; Tibor Scharf; Dr Michael Sch tte; Dr Andreas Schwab; Prof Dr Ulrich Schwalbe; Dr Ulrich Solt sz; RA Philipp Werner; Dr J rg Witting; Dr Maik Wolf; Volker Zuleger.

Franz J rgen S cker is Professor of civil law at the Free University of Berlin and director of the Institute for German and European Business, Competition and Regulatory Law, Berlin. Dr Frank Montag is an antitrust, competition and trade partner in the Brussels office of Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer.


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