Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped by David Finch.pdf

Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped by David Finch.pdf


A sketch edition of some of comics superstar David Finch's greatest Batman stories from Batman: The Dark Knight, DC Comics: The New 52 and more!

This fantastic unwrapped collection features tales of the Dark Knight written and pencilled by David Finch. Encompassing David's work from Batman: The Dark Knight to the re-launch in the New 52, this volume features the stunning artwork and compelling stories about the supernatural and the esoteric areas of Gotham City.

Collects Batman: The Dark Knight #1-3, Batman: The Return #1 and Batman: The Dark Knight (Vol 2) #1-7 and 9 in black and white format.

"Finch's quality of art lives up to the hype with his detailed panels and sharp lines - all designed to explode off of the page."—Tampa Bay Examiner

"A title full of blockbuster content."—IGN

David Finch began his comics career at Top Cow Productions in 1995, where he assisted creator/artist Marc Silvestri on Cyberforce before graduating to full-time penciller on the title in 1996. After co-creating the title Ascension and penciling the first four issues of Aphrodite IX for Image Comics, Finch moved to Marvel Comics where he went on to illustrate acclaimed runs of Ultimate X-Men, The New Avengers, Moon Knight and Ultimatum

In 2010, he was lured to DC Comics by the siren call of the Caped Crusader and began his career there with contributions to the landmark BATMAN #700 and then as penciler of BATMAN: THE RETURN.  He then began writing and drawing the ongoing series BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT. After an 18 issue run on that title, Finch moved on to his current assignments; working with writer Geoff Johns first on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and currently on FOREVER EVIL, the first universe wide crossover of The New 52. 

A proud Canadian, he makes his home on the snowy steppes of Ontario.


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