Anthologizing Canadian Literature: Theoretical & Cultural Perspectives.pdf

Anthologizing Canadian Literature: Theoretical & Cultural Perspectives.pdf


The first collection of critical essays devoted to the study of English-Canadian literary anthologies brings together the work of thirteen prominent critics to investigate anthology formation in Canada and answer these key questions: Why are there so many literary anthologies in Canada, and how can we trace their history? What role have anthologies played in the formation of Canadian literary taste? How have anthologies influenced the training of students from generation to generation? What literary values do the editors of various anthologies tend to support, and how do these values affect canon formation in Canada? How have different genres fared in the creation of literary anthologies? How do Canadian anthologies transmit ideas about gender, region, ideology, and nation? Specific essays focus on anthologies as national metaphors, the controversies surrounding early literary collections, representations of First Nations peoples in anthologies, and the ways in which various editors have understood exploration narratives. In addition, the collection examines the representation of women in Canadian anthologies, the use of anthologies as teaching tools, and the creation of some very odd Canadian anthologies along the way.

Robert Lecker is Greenshields Professor of English at McGill University. He is the editor of several anthologies, most recently Open Country: Canadian Literature in English , and the author of numerous books and articles, including On the Line, Robert Kroetsch, Another I, Making It Real, Dr. Delicious, The Cadence of Civil Elegies , and Keepers of the Code.

Introduction; Anthems & Anthologies; The Poetry of the Canoe: William Douw Lighthalls Songs of the Great Dominion; Publication, Performances, & Politics: The Indian Poems of E. Pauline Johnson / Tekhionwake (18611913) & Duncan Campbell Scott (18621947); Excerpts of Exploration Writing in Anthologies of English-Canadian Literature; Anthologies & the Canonization Process: A Case Study of the English-Canadian Literary Field, 19201950; Nation Building, Literary Tradition, & English-Canadian Anthologies: Presentations of John Richardson & Susanna Moodie in Anthologies of the 1950s & 1960s; Anthology on the Radio: Robert Weaver & CBC Radios Anthology; Canadian Literary Anthologies through the Lens of Publishing History: A Preliminary Exploration of Historical Trends to 1997; Confessions of an Unrepentant Anthologist; The Poet-Editor & the Small Press: Michael Ondaatje & the Long Poem Anthology; Why So Serious? The Quirky Canadian Anthology; Reading Anthologies; The Poet & Her Library: Anthologies Read, Anthologies Made.


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