Apache Cordova 4 Programming.pdf

Apache Cordova 4 Programming.pdf


Apache Cordova 4 Programming is the complete introduction to Apache Cordova 4 and Adobe PhoneGap for experienced mobile developers. Leading Cordova expert John Wargo explains what makes Cordova so important, and shows how to install and use its newest tools, from the Cordova CLI to its native SDKs. If you're brand new to Cordova, this book will be just what you need to get started. If you're familiar with an older version, it will offer you detailed guidance and making the most of Cordova 4's powerful enhancements, as well as the core APIs you may already be using. Wargo walks you through downloading and setting up the Cordova framework, installing and using command line tools to manage the Cordova application lifecycle, and setting up and using development environments for several popular mobile device platforms, including Xcode (iOS), Android Development Tools (Android), and Microsoft development tools for Windows Phone 8. He covers the entire development process, including testing, debugging, and packaging apps; thoroughly introduces the latest versions of the Cordova APIs; and guides you through creating your own plug-ins. Filled with examples and code, Apache Cordova 4 Programming covers all the essential topics you need to start creating cross-platform mobile apps right now.

1. The What, Why, How and More of Apache Cordova 2. Installing the Cordova Command Line Interface 3. Using the Cordova Command Line Interface 4. Anatomy of a Cordova Application 5. The Mechanics of Cordova Development 6. Android Development with Cordova 7. iOS Development with Cordova 8. Windows Phone 8 Development with Cordova 9. Using PhoneGap Build 10. Working with the Cordova APIs 11. Creating Cordova Plug-Ins 12. Building a Cordova Application


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