Groundwater Geochemistry and Isotopes.pdf

Groundwater Geochemistry and Isotopes.pdf


There remains a lack of understanding of environmental isotopes and their use, students and practitioners typically find the concepts of isotope fractionation to be more complicated than for geochemistry. However, this need not be so, if the basics are presented together with geochemistry, using case studies and examples to make the point. This new book will present the basics of environmental isotopes and geochemistry together, with case studies and simple examples that will build a real understanding of their use in natural and contaminated groundwater.

"The book is very clearly written, and each chapter provides students and long-time practitioners with practical examples and essential information needed for understanding and applying isotopic and geochemical principles to their research. Groundwater Geochemistry and Isotopes will be an essential resource for all students of isotopes and aqueous geochemistry." -Dr. Leonard Wassenaar, International Atomic Energy Agency "The author combines geochemistry and environmental isotopes quite nicely. He uses short and rather simple explanations (not an easy task) with many practical examples. ...I am sure this new book will become a standard reference on groundwater geochemistry and isotopes as a basis for solving problems of groundwater quality, and will meet expectations for use by graduate students and scientists on groundwater conditions." -Alfonso Rivera, Geological Survey of Canada

Water, rocks and solutes. Solutes, activities and mass action. Aqueous Reactions. Tracing the Water Cycle. CO 2 and Weathering. Geochemical Evolution. Redox Evolution. Groundwater Dating. Contaminant Geochemlstry.


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