The Four Lenses of Innovation.pdf

The Four Lenses of Innovation.pdf


Learn the formula for infusing creativity into your organizational culture Why do we so often think of innovation as a secret, almost mystical ingredient in business success? In The Four Lenses of Innovation , Rowan Gibson delivers what we've long been hoping for: the news that innovation is logical, it's predictable, and we can all have it. By asking how the world's top innovators-Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and others-came up with their breakthrough ideas, the author identifies four key business perspectives that lead to groundbreaking growth potential. Written by the man the media calls "The Innovation Grandmaster," The Four Lenses of Innovation explains what makes the mind of the innovator tick and turns this insight into a systematic method for fostering new ideas across entire organizations. If you are looking for a surefire way to bring outside-the-box thinking into your enterprise, The Four Lenses of Innovation is it. The once-mysterious process of transformational creativity is distilled into four surprisingly simple components, which will help you: Understand and emulate the contrarian thought process of successful innovators Identify market trends and patterns no one else has seen Develop a new way of thinking about core competencies and strategic assets, increasing their leverage potential Improve profitability by learning to identify customers' real needs and demands Other books promise the keys to innovation-this one delivers them. Rowan Gibson walks you through the process of reverse engineering the steps that lead to new market opportunities, business growth, and whole-industry change. With The Four Lenses of Innovation , you'll have the ideas and the concrete practices you need to make business innovation a part of your daily vocabulary.


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