Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy.pdf

Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy.pdf


This brand new title provides medical and health science students with an accessible introduction to regional and functional neuroanatomy, which cuts through the jargon to help you engage with the key concepts. Beautifully presented in full colour, with hundreds of annotated illustrations and images, Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy begins with an introductory section to help you get to grips with the regional aspects of the topic, and discusses each structure in detail in relation to function. Throughout the text, clinical examples are provided in each chapter to reinforce the content, and to highlight its clinical relevance. Whether you are completely new to neuroanatomy or simply require a refresher, Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy: Features a dedicated chapter on the use of imaging studies used in clinical neuroanatomy, including how to evaluate these images Highlights topics important to clinical medicine but often neglected in other neuroanatomy texts such as trauma, infection and congenital considerations Self assessment and thought questions in every chapter Available as a Wiley Desktop Edition and through CourseSmart Supported by a companion website with fully downloadable images, a series of PowerPoint lectures for instructors, and a self-assessment question bank with USMLE compatible multiple-choice questions Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy is the perfect resource for a course on neuroanatomy, as part of USMLE teaching and as an on-going companion during those first steps in clinical practice.

Preface 1. Overview of the nervous system 2. Blood Vessels, meninges and ventricles 3. Neurodevelopment 4. Spinal cord 5. Medulla oblongata 6. Pons 7. Midbrain 8. Diencephalon 9. Telencephalon 10. Cerebellum 11. Spinal tracts 12. Visual system 13. Auditory and vestibular system 14. Olfaction and taste 15. Central motor control 16. Limbic system 17. Cortical integration 18. Imaging techniques Glossary Index


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