Cooking Together: Real Food for the Whole Family.pdf

Cooking Together: Real Food for the Whole Family.pdf


Sara Begner's requirements are simple: free your mind in the kitchen and bring your appetite. This family cookbook requires no new cooking skills, no magic tricks, and no weird ingredients. Whether you're watching ingredients melt together with Begner's mouthwatering pizza, taking in the aroma of chocolate muffins, or sitting back to watch chicken roast in the oven, these recipes are sure to inspire everyday dinners and generous feasts. With more than seventy easily cooked recipes, you and your family will have a ball in the kitchen. With fruit slices transformed into artful displays, chocolaty confections sprinkled with love, and meats tenderized to perfection, your family is sure to bond over a fun-to-make, easy-to-enjoy, home-cooked meal. Helpful hands are sure to enjoy tossing spaghetti, rolling chocolate balls, and cracking eggs for marvelous creations. With the addition of colorful photos and handy tips, these chef-inspired recipes will tempt your taste buds and inspire you to grab the spatula. So head into your kitchen, bring the whole family, and enjoy Cooking Together with those you love.

Sara Begner is a Swedish chef, nutritional physiologist, nutritionist, and owner of Healthy Appetite. Since January 2008, Begner has worked as head of Coop's Test Kitchen, participated in Swedish TV programs on SVT "Toppform" (a show about health and fitness) and "Sara's Kitchen," and guest-starred as a nutritionist on "FC Z," a show about a soccer team. As head of Coop's Test Kitchen, she continues to push new recipes, including a recipe booklet and magazine. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.


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