Blood Storm: A John Henry Cole Western.pdf

Blood Storm: A John Henry Cole Western.pdf


Business lately has been deadly for Ike Kelly. Recent unexpected gunplay has whittled his detective agency down to a single operative: a man named John Henry Cole. Cole is the only man left when a new assignment comes in from a former lover of Kelly's, a woman operating an escort service in the new mining camp of Deadwood in Dakota Territory. Three of the young women working for her have been murdered, and someone is trying to cover up their deaths. It's a dangerous job, and Cole is advised that he must take every precaution--as if he needed such advice. The legendary Wild Bill Hickok was recently murdered at Deadwood, and Calamity Jane Canary and Doc Holliday are among Cole's potential suspects. Add that to a corrupt constable and a bounty hunter who just happens to be an old enemy of Cole's, and it's clear there are many who will not welcome his arrival in Deadwood. Cole is a lonely man in a lonely profession, and finding a murderer in the wild mining camp could be less of a challenge than simply staying alive. Using real-life characters and settings from one of the most notorious times in the history of the Wild West, veteran author Bill Brooks spins another edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Bills Brooks is the author of over twenty Westerns, despite beginning his publishing career until the age of fifty. He's written such books as the acclaimed "Stone Garden: The Epic Life of Billy the Kid" and "Bonnie & Clyde A Love Story." Brooks lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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