The CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations.pdf

The CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations.pdf


Effect better outcomes with a robust coaching program The CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations deals with the practical, ethical, and political challenges of coaching within an organization. From coaching superiors to coaching business teams, this book outlines the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) approach to professional coaching to help readers better manage leadership development and talent management program outcomes. With expert guidance on the key functions of human resources, learning and development, and organizational development, readers will gain insight into the issues associated with coaching program implementation and management, and the use of internal versus external coaches. Coverage includes a wide range of coaching-based services used in most large organizations, with practical advice on creating the right programs for maximum impact within the available budget. Professional development is a hot topic and plays a key role in attracting and retaining the best talent. Coaching is a broad area within the field, encompassing a range of services and goals, with varied expectations and requirements. This book provides actionable guidance for those designing, initiating, and implementing coaching programs, with new approaches and techniques that drive better outcomes. Provide direct coaching within an organization Manage coaching systems and programs Initiate and lead mentoring and peer-coaching programs Manage external coaches, and deal effectively with coaching suppliers An ideal coaching program must balance need with budget and be tailored to the requirements and resources of both the organization and the participants. It's a complex undertaking, but the right strategy and planning can lead to even better than expected outcomes. For the human resources professional who wants to strengthen an organization's coaching program, CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations is a thoughtful reference for a specialized function.

Foreword by Rebecca L. Ray The Authors Introduction PART ONE: Building a Coaching Culture 1 The Rise of Coaching in Organizations Amy Lui Abel and Sherlin V. Nair 2 Assessing Your Organization's Need for Coaching Emily Hoole 3 Creating an Integrated Coaching System Douglas D. Riddle 4 Evaluating Coaching Interventions Jennifer Habig and Emily Hoole 5 Managing Coaches Patrick Stichelmans and Johan Naude PART TWO: COACHING GUIDANCE FOR HR LEADERS 6 Coaching the Derailing Leader Erica Desrosiers and Ross Blankenship 7 Developing High Potential Leaders Kevin O'Gorman 8 Coaching at the Top Candice C. Frankovelgia 9 Coaching Your Business Partner Monica Bortoluzzi and Florence Plessier 10 Cross-Cultural Coaching Lize Booysen 11 Coaching in Context: The Individual in Relation to Organizational Culture Elizabeth Gullette 12 Ethical Considerations for the Human Resources Coach Maggie Sass and Barbara Fly-Dierks PART THREE: Special Applications of Coaching 13 Coaching for All: Creative Leadership Conversations with Peers Philomena Rego, TZiPi Radonsky, Lyndon Rego, and Patrick Williams 14 Mentoring for Leadership Development William Gentry 15 Executive Coaching for On-Boarding Robert Elsey and Douglas D. Riddle 16 Team Coaching Elizabeth Gullette 17 Senior Team Coaching Douglas D. Riddle 18 Transforming Organizations: Coaching and Guiding Senior Teams John B. McGuire and Candice C. Frankovelgia 19 Coaching Beyond the Organization Joel F. Wright References Name Index Subject Index About the Center for Creative Leadership


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