Spike Your Brand ROI: How to Maximize Reputation and Get Results.pdf

Spike Your Brand ROI: How to Maximize Reputation and Get Results.pdf


Increase ROI through more proactive reputation management SPIKE Your ROI provides a proven methodology to help organizations scale their brand reputation, results, and revenue. Based on the author's actual engagements with clients like Yum Brands, Lockheed Martin, DuPont, and more, this practical guide outlines a new, pragmatic approach to predicting and minimizing negative spikes, identifying and tracking brand relevancy, creating opportunity spikes, and harnessing positive attention. Readers will find step-by-step instructions for applying the framework to their own organization, plus compelling case studies that illustrate the real-life impact of the SPIKE methodology. The twenty-four hour media cycle has made reputation a key factor in ROI, either as an asset or a liability. A strong, proactive reputation management strategy is vital for organizations of all sizes, in all sectors -- and it's about much more than just PR. SPIKE Your ROI helps readers generate and execute a holistic, well-rounded reputation strategy, with a concrete framework that helps lay the foundation for better results. Think about the end game, and the importance of good timing Discover the secret to being in the right place at the right time Learn a new framework for effectively leveraging brand spikes Formulate a reputation strategy based on the SPIKE methodology With consumer choice at an all-time high, brand reputation management simply cannot be left to evolve organically. It must be carefully planned, with each step timed to the perfect moment for optimal effect. This book shows readers how to do just that, specific to their own organization's unique goals. For the organization seeking a better return on investment, SPIKE Your ROI provides a proven methodology and expert insight.


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