Every Short Story by Alasdair Gray 1951-2012.pdf

Every Short Story by Alasdair Gray 1951-2012.pdf


The first sixteen tales in this collection were published by Canongate in 1983 with the title Unlikely Stories, Mostly. This collection also has fifty-seven tales from later books, plus sixteen new ones published together for the first time. This last section, Tales Droll and Plausible, shows that Gray's recent twenty-first-century fiction is as uncomfortably funny and up to date as his earliest.

* Gray is a true original, a twentieth century William Blake. Observer * A great writer, perhaps the greatest writer living in Britain today. -- Will Self * One of the most gifted writers to have put pen to paper in the English language. -- Irvine Welsh * A necessary genius. -- Ali Smith * A genuine experimentalist. -- David Lodge

Since 1981, when Alasdair Gray's first novel (Lanark: A Life in Four Books) was published by Canongate, he has published twenty books, most of them novels and short stories. In his own words, 'Alasdair Gray is a fat, spectacled, balding, increasingly old Glaswegian pedestrian who has mainly lived by writing and designing books, most of them fiction.'


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