Absolute Green Arrow by Kevin Smith.pdf

Absolute Green Arrow by Kevin Smith.pdf


The original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, reemerges after years of being assumed dead. But many people, including Black Canary, his ex-lover, Arsenal, his ex-partner, Connor Hawke, his son and temporary successor and Batman, the Dark Knight Detective, want to know how Green Arrow survived the airplane explosion and where he has been. Using strong characterization and engaging dialogue, comic and screenplay writer and movie director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, BATMAN: CACOPHONY) successfully resurrects one of the world's classic heroes.

This Absolute edition will feature bonus script pages, character sketches and a cover gallery.

Collects Green Arrow #1-15.

Praise for Kevin Smith's Batman: Cacophony:

"[Smith's writing] is every bit as witty as his movies."—IGN

In the few years since his entry into the indie film community, Kevin Smith has seen it all—from the surprise critical and commercial success he received for his debut film Clerks to the disappointing critical and commercial drubbing he took on his second outing, Mallrats. He caught a break on his third film, the critically hailed Chasing Amy, and managed not to get killed by the religious zealots over his fourth film, the comedic meditation Dogma. Thus not deterred, Smith advanced and has written and directed Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Zach and Miri Make A Porno.

He's written comic books featuring not only his own characters (Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob), but other characters as well—the award-winning Daredevil at Marvel Comics, and the award-winning Green Arrow at DC comics. And if the film thing doesn't pan out, he does own his own comic-book store—Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, in beautiful downtown Red Bank, New Jersey.


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