Daily Mail: Big Compendium of Puzzles: 1.pdf

Daily Mail: Big Compendium of Puzzles: 1.pdf


Get ready for an addictive experience as all your favourite puzzles come together in one big book. You'll find every kind of crossword - quick and easy ones that you can fit into your lunch break, cryptic ones with clues that have you will have you flexing all your mental muscles, fiendishly difficult ones and giant-sized ones for when your brain is feeling energetic! This book is also a great way to try a new type of puzzle - crossword fanatics can sample sudoku, the most popular number challenge in the world, and vice versa.

From the pages of The Mail on Sunday, this brand new book features a collection of 100 general knowledge puzzles. With over 14,000 entrants per week, The Mail on Sunday Prize Crossword is the paper's most popular puzzle and a favourite of all puzzle fans.


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