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Beyond Gated Communities.pdf


This book presents a paradigm shift for gated communities research. Based on contemporary studies from international authors, the chapters suggest that the debate should move away from the hard concept of a gated community to the more fluid one of urban gating. The latter allows communities to be viewed through a new lens of soft boundaries, modern communication and networks of influence. The book builds on the research of Bagaeen and Uduku's previous edited publication, Gated Communities (Routledge 2010) and relates recent events to trends in urban research, showing how the discussion has moved from privatised to newly collectivised spaces, which have been the focal point for events such as the Occupy London movement and the Arab Spring. Communities are now more mobilised and connected than ever, and Beyond Gated Communities shows how neighbourhoods can become part of a global network beyond their own gates. With chapters on Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East, this is a truly international resource for scholars and students of urban studies interested in this dynamic, growing area of research.

Foreword by Saskia Sassen Part 1: Legalities and Governance 1. Planning and environmental agents in the non-metropolitan gated development chain in the Western Cape, South Africa 2. Gating the city: the extinguishment of public rights of way in urban Ireland 3. Strategies Opening Up Gated Communities, To a New Urbanity 4. Preparing strata & community title buildings for climate change 5. Transitioning residential multi-owned developments: conflicts of Interest arising Part 2: Specificities of Located Spaces 6. Gating in the Gated Community: Home Fortification Practices on Israeli Kibbutzim and Moshavim 7. Boundaries and Changing Urban Life in Istanbul 8. Major Trends of the Gated Communities Development in Egypt: An Approach to urban sustainability 9. Emergence of Club Economy in Private Neighbourhoods and Their Enclosure - Analysis of Private Neighbourhoods in a Seoul Suburb, South Korea 10. Everyday life and community governance of master planned estates: the case study of Wenzhou, China 11. Quality of life & City resilience: The effects of physical boundary of gated communities on sense of community and fear of crime in the United Kingdom 12. Trends and Driving Forces in Toronto's Condominium Development 13. Privatization of public space and city form Part 3: Agency-created and contested spaces 14. Contemporary Urban Geopolitics: The Case of 'Occupy London' 15. Miss Chuquicamata, the slag: disputed mining settlement between foreign capital and national identity 16. A comparative approach to the study of gated settlements: digging inside the social and political systems of a golf estate and an open suburb in Johannesburg 17. A gated community is a tree; a city is not 18. The production of urban inequality: Urban gating, soft boundaries and networks of influence and affluence


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