When Wilf sees the small, gold-rimmed wooden bowl in the local museum, he's not sure why he's so drawn to it - but something about the bowl has him mesmerized, and he just has to take it. Leaving the museum with the bowl under his jacket, he notices two men in dark suits heading purposefully inside, and something tells him he should make a quick exit. The next morning, when Wilf wakes up, there's a small, pale creature in his room: Crog. Dressed in brown rags, dripping mud and blood, with black stubs for teeth and a grisly rope around his neck, Crog isn't sure how he ended up here - but he knows it's because of the bowl. Three thousand years ago, Crog was tasked with protecting the bowl from those who want to use it to gain power, and he failed once. But he won't fail again. Within minutes, the doorman at Wilf's apartment building is lying dead, the men in suits closing in. Wilf, Crog and Wilf's bossy twin sister Ishbel are suddenly on the run - and those who want the bowl are only one step behind.

"A thoroughly contemporary yarn ... An involving adventure" Observer

Amanda Mitchison grew up in Scotland. She has travelled widely. Her first job as a journalist was on the Egyptian Gazette in Cairo and she later worked as a radio reporter for the Vatican in Rome. She now lives in Bristol with her husband and two sons.


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