Acting with Passion: A Performer's Guide to Emotions on Cue.pdf

Acting with Passion: A Performer's Guide to Emotions on Cue.pdf


Modern breakthroughs in neuroscience and mind-body psychology now offer an alternative approach to the classic systems of acting. So much more is now known about how the brain visualizes, imagines and remembers; neurochemical processes are much faster and more fluid than earlier acting teachers could possibly have realized. Acting with Passion draws heavily on the world of mind-body psychology, primarily the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. Their theories - that the release of chronic muscular tension can be accompanied by the release of emotions - offer actors the keys to demonstrating emotion on cue. Through a series of physical exercises, actors learn to access feelings through the body rather than the mind. Beginning with the body as 'the instrument', Acting with Passion leads actors through a series of physical exercises combining movement, tactile exploration and vocal release. Once physical blocks are removed, the actor then uses memorized text to place the feelings where they belong. Written with her characteristic verve and accessibility, and using practical exercises to guide the actor through each stage, Acting With Passion is the result of Niki Flaks's popular acting workshops.

Niki Flaks is a director, actor, teacher and psychologist, whose career spans both sides of the Atlantic. Flaks is a frequent tutor at the Actors Centre in London's West End and at the Algonquin Theater in New York. Her very popular workshops in Paris led to her invitation to be part of the prestigious faculty of European A.C.T. teaching actors in London, Paris and Berlin. She has been an assistant professor of theatre at Southern Methodist University and holds a B.S. from Northwestern University and an M.S.W. from The University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

Introduction: The Journey Begins Chapter One: The Holy Grail - Emotions on Cue Chapter Two: Memorisation - A Fresh Look and No Whinging, Please Chapter Three: Opening the Dungeon - Pain, Fear, Sadness Chapter Four: Going Deeper - Opening the Dungeon to Rage Chapter Five: Flacksing - When? How? Where? How often? Chapter Six: Gesturing - Why Should It Be So Difficult? Chapter Seven: Auditions - Your Chance to Shine Chapter Eight: Rehearsal Strategies - Incompetent Directors and Other Obstacles Chapter Nine: Lovely Challenges - Style, Character and Comedy Chapter Ten: Namaste - Yoga for Actors Chapter Eleven: The Future is Yours - The Best Revenge is Happiness Index


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