Applied Mechanics with SolidWorks.pdf

Applied Mechanics with SolidWorks.pdf


Applied Mechanics with SolidWorks aims to assist students in colleges and universities, designers, engineers and professionals interested in using SolidWorks to solve practical engineering mechanics problems. The text book uses SolidWorks as an alternative tool for solving statics and dynamics problems in an applied mechanics course. This textbook uses a hands-on approach in which students can follow the steps described in each chapter to model parts, and analyze them. This textbook has a significant number of pictorial descriptions of the steps that a student should follow. Instructional support is also provided, including SolidWorks files for all models. AVIvideo files will also be available (via the internet) so that instructors and students can use them to show motions and results of dynamical systems being analyzed.

Forces, Vectors, and Resultants; Moments and Couple; Two-Dimensional Equilibrium; Structures and Members; Three-Dimensional Equilibrium; Friction; Centroid; Mass Moment of Inertia; Kinematics: Linear & Projectiles; Kinematics: Angular Motion; Kinematics: Plane Motion of Mechanisms; Kinetics: Impulse and Momentum; Kinetics: Work and Energy; Kinetics: Force & Torque Inertia.


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