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Families in Context: Sociological Perspectives.pdf


The most thoroughly updated edition yet, this book offers students perspectives of changes in marriage and family over time, including the impact of the Great Recession and of new media technologies. A hallmark of Families in Context remains the well-researched, data-driven quality of the text. Beyond presenting thoroughly updated statistics and literature, each chapter examines new trends and assesses their implications for students' lives. The underlying presentation remains balanced, theoretically grounded, and accessible to a wide variety of classes, allowing students of all ages and family backgrounds to draw their own conclusions about controversial topics. Features of the new edition include coverage of the Affordable Care Act; new social media and families; the latest trends in poverty, education, social mobility, gender, identities and healthcare; updated 'In the News' features and author-created PowerPoint slides.

Gene H. Starbuck, Professor of Sociology at Mesa State College, has devoted his career to undergraduate teaching. The breadth of knowledge required to teach a number of subjects in a small sociology department has informed his topical coverage of marriages and families. He has also published and presented papers in gender, crime, human sexuality, and domestic violence. Karen Saucier Lundy, Professor Emeritus in the College of Health, University of Southern Mississippi, is the lead author of Community Health Nursing.

Chapter 1: Defining Family Variation Chapter 2: Studying the Family Chapter 3: Families in Preindustrial Context Chapter 4: Industrialization and Families Chapter 5: Gender, Work, and Postindustrial Families Chapter 6: Social Class and Families Chapter 7: Race/Ethnicity and Families Chapter 8: Forming Intimate Relationships Chapter 9: Mate Selection Chapter 10: Varieties of Sexual Scripts Chapter 11: Population and Family Planning Chapter 12: Negotiating Marriages Chapter 13: Parents and Children Chapter 14: Crisis and Violence in Families Chapter 15: Divorce and Rescripted Families Chapter 16: Family Perspectives, Policy, and the Future


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