Copy, Copy, Copy: How to Do Smarter Marketing by Using Other People's Ideas.pdf

Copy, Copy, Copy: How to Do Smarter Marketing by Using Other People's Ideas.pdf


100 pick-up-and-use marketing strategy templates-get copying! Copy, Copy, Copy is a big, bright volume of templates designed to help marketers and managers more efficiently change human behaviour through social influence. Based on the argument that copying is human nature and innovation isn't always the best goal, this book offers one hundred actual pick-up-and-use marketing plan templates specific to various scenarios. It's like a recipe book for human behaviour. Each strategy is illustrated by an example in marketing or contemporary pop culture from around the world and across different platforms, demonstrating the successful application of the techniques described. Copying helps humans navigate the world. From user reviews and bestseller lists to baby names and fashion trends, human beings are a social species that rely on one another to make sense of the bewildering array of choices that confront us every day. Copy, Copy, Copy describes how marketers can take advantage of this tendency to steer consumer behaviour and desires toward a strategic goal. Learn how much consumers copy each other and how you can utilize that for effective marketing campaigns Using case studies and examples of successful campaigns-each relating to a different behaviour Ready-made templates for more efficient strategy and planning More than just a book of behavioural theory, this guide invites you to do what the title says-copy, copy, copy. Expertly designed templates eliminate the need to build a brand new strategy from the ground up, allowing the efficient creation of a deployment-ready campaign. For marketers and managers looking to stay in front of the herd, Copy, Copy, Copy is the highly practical guide for changing mass behaviour.

Foreword by Walter Susini On The Shoulders of Giants 1 In Praise of Copying Copying, originality, invention, innovation and the king of rock 'n' roll 2 How to Copy Well Good, bad, tight, loose, close or far away 3 What to Copy: 'What Kinda Thing?' Questions What kind of thing are you trying to change? 4 What to Copy: The Pattern Books 52 different strategies to copy, borrow or steal 5 Copy Better Applying what we've learned to 4 real world problems Afterword References About the Author Acknowledgements Index


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