Bullets in the Sun: A Western Story.pdf

Bullets in the Sun: A Western Story.pdf


A smart, suspenseful Western full of gamblers, gunmen, and enough double-crosses to bring an entire town to its knees. Sunrise, despite its name, is a wicked town. It is the only wide-open town in the Crazy Butte country. It attracts gamblers like Dan Farlin, who works in the Red Arrow, the most prosperous saloon in Sunrise. Sheriff Mills rarely comes to Sunrise, in part because of a tacit agreement he has with a gang of outlaws, who in exchange for legal immunity for him has never committed a robbery of any kind in the Crazy Butte country. So when Sheriff Mills does show up in Sunrise, walks into the hostile atmosphere of the Red Arrow, and warns that a man named Bovert is heading for the town and that Bovert is to be left alone, Farlin knows something's not right. The gang, loaded with money from a recent robbery, arrives in Sunrise looking for a game with Farlin and finds far more than it bargained for. Could all this be Sheriff Mills's strategy to bring the law back to Sunrise? Will the arrival of the fearsome Bovert ignite a conflict with Sunrise's gangs? Will anyone be left standing after the final showdown? Rollicking, action-packed, and complex, "Bullets in the Sun" will delight readers of classic and modern Westerns alike.

Robert J. Horton was born in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. He traveled extensively in the West, working for a time as a sports editor in Great Falls, Montana. He was a regular contributor to "Western Story Magazine." He died in 1934.


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