The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes.pdf

The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes.pdf


The definitive textbook for students and professionals studying the art of handmade photographic prints, The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, 3e brings students, hobbyists, and professionals up to date with the latest techniques and artists.

"The 1st edition set the standard for alternative photo books. The 2nd, was a real knockout, totally unexpected, I thought the 2nd was the landmark edition, that Mr. James could sit back and enjoy life again. Then this happened, the 3rd edition. It's like meal in a Michelin 3-star restaurant, the courses keep coming getting better and better. It's a book not only for a photographer making photographs with these processes, but an essential book for anyone concerned with photography. It should be in a handy reach of every curator, photography dealer, art critic, and photo historian. And lastly, it's just a good read, sit back and enjoy."

Forward Matter. 1. Making Art With a Box of Air: The Pinhole & Camera Obscura. 2.The Anthotype and Chlorophyll Process: The Art of Printing With Flowers and Vegetation. 3. The Calotype Process and The Art of Fixing Shadows. 4. Bayard's Direct Positive Process - 1839. 5. The Salted Paper Process. 6. The Whey Process. 7. The Cyanotype Process. 8. The Cyanotype: Variations & Inventions. 9. The Argyrotype Process. 10. The Chrysotype. 11. Fumed Silica/Alumina. 12. The Kallitype Process. 13. The Platinum & Palladium Process. 14. The Ziatype Process. 15. The Athenatype Process. 16. The Albumen Process. 17. Wet Plate Collodion Process: Tintypes, Ambrotypes & Glass Plate Negatives. 18. The Gum Bichromate Process. 19. Dichromate Options: The Chromatype, 3-D Gum, Alternative Surfaces for Gum, The Dusting-On Process. 20. Carbon. 21. The Van Dyke, B-V-D & Brownprint. 22. POP: Printing Out Paper and Toners. 23. Hand Applied Emulsions and Contemporary Dry Plate. 24. The Non-Digital Negative: Alternative Process Options. 25. The Digital Chapter: An Odd History, The Digital Arts - A Personal Perspective, Workflow and Curves. 26. Inkjet Intaglio: Direct to Plate Photopolymer Process. 27. Paper and Alternative Substrates: History & Preparation. 28. Light Markings: Thinking While Writing and Alternative Odds and Ends. Appendices: A. Chemistry. B. Conversion Tables. C. Light & Exposure Options. D. A Simple UV Exposure Unit. E. An Alternative Process Work Space. F. Alternative Process Shopping List. G. Resources, Artist's Links, and Internet Sites. H. Bibliography: Historical and Contemporary.


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