Web Collection Revealed CS8.pdf

Web Collection Revealed CS8.pdf


This invaluable, all-in-one guide provides a thorough introduction to web design and development with Adobe Dreamweaver[registered] CC, Adobe Flash[registered] CC, and - new to this edition - Adobe Edge[registered] CC. In addition to detailed information on the current interface, features, and functionality of each program, the text includes step-by-step tutorials and hands-on projects to help readers master industry-leading software while honing practical skills with real-world relevance. The text concludes with a chapter devoted to integration of all three applications to create a dynamic website incorporating Flash and Edge elements. In addition to accurate, up-to-date content, the text features full-color illustrations and an appealing, user-friendly presentation style to facilitate learning and make even complex material easier to master.

DREAMWEAVER. 1. Getting Started with Dreamweaver. 2. Developing a Web Page. 3. Working with Text and Cascading Style Sheets. 4. Adding Images. 5. Working with Links and Navigation. 6. Positioning Objects with CSS and Tables. 7. Managing a Web Server and Files. FLASH. 1. Getting Started with Flash. 2. Drawing Objects in Adobe Flash. 3. Working with Symbols and Interactivity. 4. Creating Animations. 5. Creating Special Effects. 6. Preparing and Publishing Applications. EDGE. 1. Getting Started with Edge Animate. 2. Creating Interactive Animations with Edge Animate. 3. Creating a Responsive Design with Edge Reflow. INTEGRATION. 1. Integrating Adobe CC Web.


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