Puzzled Indemnity: A Puzzle Lady Mystery.pdf

Puzzled Indemnity: A Puzzle Lady Mystery.pdf


It's been a cold, lonely winter for Cora Felton. Long distance has cooled the Puzzle Lady's on-again-off-again affair with Sergeant Crowley, and the only case Chief Harper has for her to investigate is a routine liquor store robbery. So when her attorney friend Becky asks her to explore the possibility that her client Brittney's philandering husband is planning to murder her for the insurance money, Cora jumps at the chance. She brings in her loathsome ex-husband Marvin to play blackmailer and prove the affair. But when Brittany's husband is killed by a car bomb right outside the Bakerhaven police station, and it turns out she had insurance on him, the police arrest her for murder. To save Becky's clueless client from the clutches of the law, Cora will manipulate a TV reporter, cast suspicion on an innocent man, crack crossword and Sudoku clues, solve the liquor store robbery, and enlist the aid of "both" Sergeant Crowley and his girlfriend in this outragous new entry in the Puzzle Lady Mystery series featuring Sudoku by Will Shortz.

Praise for The Puzzle Lady Mysteries: "Delightful...Between Hall's snappy dialogue and Will Shortz's puzzles, comic mystery buffs have plenty to enjoy." --"Publishers Weekly "on" NYPD Puzzle""Hall, as always, fills this intricate and witty mystery with a dandy plot, snappy dialogue and, of course, the antics of the lovably annoying Cora." --"The Richmond-Times Dispatch "on "NYPD Puzzle""The newest entry in the lovable Puzzle Lady series does not disappoint. Like those before it, "NYPD Puzzle" is easy to read thanks to Hall's writing style, intriguing characters and, once again, integrated word and number puzzles that add to the fun." --"RT Book Reviews" on "NYPD Puzzle""Cora's zaniness rubs off on everyone, to the delight of fans old and new." --"Booklist "on" Arsenic and Old Puzzles""Feisty Cora Felton . . . is at her cantankerous, obfuscating, trouble-stirring best in Hall's delightful fourteenth Bakerhaven, Connecticut, romp." --"Publishers Weekly "on" Arsenic and Old Puzzles"

PARNELL HALL has been an actor, screenwriter, and singer/songwriter. He is a former President of the Private Eye Writers of America and a member of Sisters in Crime. He has been a finalist for an Edgar, 2 Lefty, and 3 Shamus Awards. He lives in New York City.


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