Routledge Handbook of Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation.pdf

Routledge Handbook of Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation.pdf


The work of a sports therapist is highly technical and requires expertise in numerous disciplines. The Routledge International Handbook of Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation is a comprehensive and authoritative reference for those studying or working in this field and is the first book to comprehensively cover all of the following areas: Sports Injury Aetiology Tissue Pathophysiology and Pain Clinical Assessment in Sports Therapy Clinical Interventions in Sports Therapy Principles of Sports Injury Rehabilitation Spinal and Peripheral Anatomy, Injury Assessment and Management Pitch-side Trauma Care Professionalism and Ethics The handbook starts with in-depth explanations of principles which form the foundation of the profession and then presents, in close detail, key body areas, the injuries that affect them, and evidence-based treatment methods. Its design incorporates numerous figures, tables, practitioner tips and photographs, and contains additional resources such as detailed sample Patient Record Forms. This book is comprehensively referenced and multi-authored, and is essential to anyone involved in sports therapy, from their first year as an undergraduate, to those currently in professional practice.

1. Practical Anatomy and Physiology 2. Injuries, Dysfunctions and Healing 3. Medical Reference 4. Methods of Assessment 5. Functional Fitness 6. Treatment Methods 7. Advising Patients 8. Pitch-Side Care 9. The Spinal Region 10. The Shoulder Region 11. The Elbow Region 12. The Wrist and Hand Region 13. The Pelvis and Hip Region 14. The Knee Region 15. The Ankle and Foot Region


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