Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology.pdf

Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology.pdf


The Springer Reference Work Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology provides overviews and in-depth and authoritative analyses on the basic and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and sciences across a broad spectrum of areas. These topics are commonly encountered in industries as well as in academia. Manufacturing engineering curricula across universities are now essential topics covered in major universities worldwide. They can be found in a variety of departments such as Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Robotics. Contributors will be drawn from academia and industry across the world but with an emphasis on knowledge and experience emerging from new manufacturing locations.

Andrew Y C Nee is a Professor in the Department of Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Non-traditional machining processes.- Rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing.- Nano-manufacturing using ion beam technology.- Joining technology.- Machining technology.- Surface technology.- Precision Measurement.- Forming technology.- Product life-cycle and green manufacturing.- Robotics and automation technology.- Remanufacturing technologies.- Tolerance systems.


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