Pancreatic Cancer, Cystic and Endocrine Neoplasm.pdf

Pancreatic Cancer, Cystic and Endocrine Neoplasm.pdf


Section 1: Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas 1. Histologic Classification and Tumor Staging of Pancreatic Cancer Akio Yanagisawa and Eiichi Konishi 2. What We Know about Carcinogenesis of Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas C. J. Bruns, H. Niess, B. Schwarz, A. Kleespies, M. K. Angele and K.-W. Jauch 3. Familiar Cancer of the Pancreas Detlef K. Bartsch, Volker Fendrich and Peter Langer 4. Clinical, Laboratory and Radiologic Presentation of Pancreatic Cancer Susumu Hijioka and Kenji Yamao 5. Standards of Oncologic Pancreatic Surgery Zhi Ven Fong and Keith D. Lillemoe 6. Extended Resection for Pancreatic Cancer: Risk and Benefits Akimasa Nakao 7. Risk/Benefit of Total Pancreatectomy for Pancreatic Cancer: Are There Indications? Ake Andren-Sandberg and Ralf Segersvard 8. Is There a Benefit for Additional Arterial Resection of Ductal Cancer of the Pancreas? Satoshi Hirano and Takahiro Tsuchikawa 9. Who Benefits from Ultra-Radical Pancreatic Cancer Extirpation? Akimasa Nakao 10. Risk and Results of Pancreatic Cancer Resection Norbert Huser, Volker Assfalg and Helmut Friess 11. Pancreatic Cancer: The Role of Bypass Procedures J.A.M.G. Tol, O.R.C. Busch, T.M. van Gulik and D.J. Gouma 12. Evidence of Adjuvant Chemotherapy of Ductal Pancreatic Cancer Asma Sultana, Christopher Halloran, Daniel Palmer, Paula Ghaneh Trevor Cox and John P Neoptolemos 13. Neoadjuvant Chemo- and Radio-Chemotherapy: Is There a Survival Advantage for Pancreatic Cancer Patients Susan Tsai, Ben George, Kathleen K. Christians and Douglas B. Evans 14. Standards of Palliative Chemotherapy and Chemoradiotherapy of Local Advanced Pancreatic Cancer, Side Effects and Survival Benefits Hana Algul and Roland M. Schmid 15. Management of Local and Distant Recurrence after Pancreatic Cancer Resection Takuji Okusaka, Kenji Hashimoto, Tomoko Katsui Taniyama, Hideki Ueno, Chigusa Morizane, Shunsuke Kondo, Shuichi Mitsunaga, Satoshi Shimizu, Izumi Ohno, Hideaki Takahashi and Masafumi Ikeda 16. Survival 3-, 5- and 10-years after Adjuvant Regional and Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Resectable Pancreatic Cancer Patients: an Institutional Experience Osamu Ishikawa, Hiroaki Ohhigashi and Hidenori Takahashi 17. Non-ductal Primary Malignancies of the Pancreas: Acinus Cell Carcinoma Marius Distler and Robert Grutzmann 18.Non-ductal Primary Malignancies of the Pancreas: Metastatic Malignancies Victor Zaydfudim, Michael B. Farnell and Michael G. Sarr Section 2: Periampullary Cancers 19. Histopathology of Tumor of the Ampulla of Vater Li-rong Chen 20. Clinics of Periampulary Cancer Cai Xiujun 21. Adenoma of the Papilla of Vater and Endoscopic Management Takao Itoi and Shujiro Tsuji 22. Controversies about Local or Regional Treatment of Adenoma of the Papilla of Vater: Japanese Experience Takehiro Ota, Masakazu Yamamoto and Ken Takasaki 23. Cancer of the Papilla: Surgical Management Hans G. Beger Q L Qiao and B Poch 24. Evidence of Surgical Management of Distal Common Bile Duct Cancer Yingbin Liu and Wenguang Wu 25. Evidence of Surgical Management of Duodenum Cancer Rory L. Smoot and Florencia G. Que 26. Survival and Chance of Cure after Surgery, Adjuvant and Palliative Chemotherapy of Periampullary Tumors Hao ran Qian and Shu You Peng Section 3: Cystic Neoplastic Lesion of the Pancreas 27. Histologic Classification and Staging of Cystic Neoplastic Lesions of the Pancreas Rondell Graham and Tom Smyrk 28. Clinical Presentation of Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas Masao Tanaka 29. EUS and Cystic Fluid Analysis of the Pancreas: Evidence of Diagnostic Measures Won Jae Yoon and William R. Brugge 30. Natural History of IPMN: Adenoma/Carcinoma Sequence in IPMN Masanori Sugiyama and Yutaka Suzuki 31. What are the Pathologic Criteria that Justified Observational Management in Patients with Cystic Naoplastic Lesions of the Pancreas? Klaus Sahora, and Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo 32. Indication for Operative Intervention of Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas George H. Sakorafas and Vassileios Smyrniotis 33. Surgical Management of IPMN Lesions of the Pancreas Marcus C.B. Tan and Peter J. Allen 34. Surgical Management of MCN Lesions of the Pancreas Klaus Sahora and Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo 35. Surgical Management of SCA of the Pancreas Giuseppe Malleo, Claudio Bassi and Roberto Salvia 36. Surgical Management of SPsN of the Pancreas Song Cheol Kim 37. Limited Oncologic Resection or Major Surgery of Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas? Hans G Beger, Yang Yinmo, and Akimasa Nakao 38. Enucleation of Cystic Neaplasia of the Pancreas? Janak A. Parikh and C. Max Schmidt 39. Long-Term Outcome after Observation and Surgical Treatment of the Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas Giuseppe Malleo, Roberto Salvia and Claudio Bassi Section IV: Endocrine Neoplasms of the Pancreas 40. Classification of Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas J. J. Mukherjee and K. O. Lee 41. Clinical Manifestation of Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas K. O. Lee 42. Evidence of Hormonal, Laboratory, Bio-Chemistric and Instrumental Diagnostics of Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas C.E.D.Ng, J. J. Mukherjee and K.O. Lee 43. Evidence of Medical and Radionucleotide Treatment of Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas David C.E. Ng., J. J. Mukherjee and K.O. Lee 44. Insulinoma: Evidence of Surgical Treatment Y. P. Mou 45. Gastrinoma: Evidence of Surgical Treatment R. Y. Qin 46. Rare Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas: Evidence of Management Jiang Tao Li, Shu You Peng and De Fei Hong 47. Long-term Outcome after Clinical Management of Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas Bin Xu and Jian Wei Wang Section V: Chronic Pancreatitis with Inflammatory Tumor of the Pancreas 48. Chronic Pancreatitis with Inflammatory Mass in the Pancreatic Head Ulrich F. Wellner and Tobias Keck 49. Chronic Tropical Pancreatitis: Clinical syndromes, natural course management principles Savio G. Barreto and Shailesh V. Shrikhande 50. Laboratory, Endoscopic and Radiologic Diagnostic of Chronic Pancreatitis with Inflammatory Mass in the Head J. Enrique Dominguez-Munoz, Julio Iglesias-Garcia and Jose Larino-Noia 51. Autoimmune Pancreatitis : How to Recognize this Entity and Avoid Surgical Treatment Raghuwansh P. Sah and Suresh T. Chari 52. What is the Place of Interventional-Endoscopic Treatment in Chronic Pancreatitis/Inflammatory Tumor of the Pancreatic Head? Yoshiki Hirooka and Hidemi Goto 53. When to Change from Conservative to Surgical Management in Alcoholic Chronic and Tropical Chronic Pancreatitis Shailesh V. Shrikhande and Savio G. Barreto 54. Duodenum Preserving Pancreatic Head Resection of Chronic Pancreatits with Inflammatory Mass Hans G. Beger and Qiao Qilu 55. Major Resection for Chronic Pancreatitis John C. McAuliffe and John D. Christein 56. Short-term and Long-term Outcome after Interventional and Surgical Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitis with Inflammatory Mass Volker Assfalg, Norbert Huser and Helmut Friess


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