The Dream Cafe: Lessons in the Art of Radical Innovation.pdf

The Dream Cafe: Lessons in the Art of Radical Innovation.pdf


Get out the office and dream! The key to business success and growth is innovation. There's no debate about that. But how do we become innovative? What can we do to foster real creative thinking in ourselves and our teams? Well the guys at The Dream Cafe have developed a fresh, new approach which is being used by major brands and businesses to great success. The innovation consultants at The Dream Cafe take business people physically out of their offices and literally into cafes. They create actual Dream Cafe locations -- settings which encourage freedom of thought and collaboration. This approach is really taking the business world by storm and is all about getting brand owners to learn from emulating the way that artists think and work. The concept is about recreating the convivial, collaborative, creative world of the avant-garde cafe and fostering the same thinking that made their work so disruptive and challenging to the status quo. Now, for the first time, the consultants at The Dream Cafe have made their model and methods available to us all in this exciting new book and show us how businesses can learn from the illogical and irreverent ways these artists thought and worked. * Focuses on the urgent need to enable major brand businesses to formulate, refine, and deliver the big brand idea that will disrupt and redefine the market * Shows how to innovate and stand out by embracing risk and innovation * Equal parts inspiration and practical implementation * The concept covered is currently being used extensively by major global brands and companies


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