Forensic Awareness by Offenders in Cases of Sexual Homicide: Avoiding Detection by the Police.pdf

Forensic Awareness by Offenders in Cases of Sexual Homicide: Avoiding Detection by the Police.pdf


The "CSI Effect" is an oft-discussed phenomenon when it comes to juries and the expectations of students entering crime scene investigation or the forensic disciplines. "Forensic Awareness by Offenders in Cases of Sexual Homicide" explores whether or not this so-called effect translates to offenders and what strategies they might employ to avoid being caught. About the "Forensic Studies for Criminal Justice Series": "The Forensic Studies for Criminal Justice" series consists of short-format content on new developments, unique perspectives, or how-to information on areas in forensic science - all specifically designed to meet the needs of the criminal justice community. Instructors wishing to provide their students with more in-depth coverage on certain forensic areas can add these digestible, inexpensive works to their syllabi without having to completely redesign their course, introduce overly complex material, or financially overburden their students. Law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals will find a wealth of valuable information to improve training sessions. Written by experts in the disciplines they are covering and edited by a senior scholar in criminal justice, "Forensic Studies for Criminal Justice" opens up the world of forensic science to the criminal justice community. Part of a new "Anderson" series presenting brief works on forensic science, written especially for students and law enforcement. It examines what, if any, strategies offenders use to avoid leaving forensic evidence at crime scenes as a result of exposure to popular TV culture. It looks at these strategies as evidence of the offender's prior exposure to the criminal justice system.

Eric Beauregard is Associate Professor, School of Criminology, and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Sexual Violence at Simon Fraser University. Larry S. Miller is Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology at East Tennessee State University. He is the author of several books on topics including criminal investigation, criminal justice report writing, police photography, and more.


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