British Moths: Second Edition: A Photographic Guide to the Moths of Britain and Ireland.pdf

British Moths: Second Edition: A Photographic Guide to the Moths of Britain and Ireland.pdf


Packed with the stunning photography, this photographic guide is the perfect single-volume guide to Britain's moths. Its coverage is broad, including 870 macro-moths and 1204 species of micros. The authoritative text provides important information on identification, size and larval food plant for each species and, for the first time, maps are included. Introductory sections cover habitats, life cycles, conservation, and trapping and photographic techniques. The new edition is far more comprehensive than the original edition, and the main changes are as follows: - Covers 700 more species of micro-moths. - Many of the photographs have been replaced and the total number of images is now over 3100. - The photos are presented in a uniform alignment for ease of comparison between species. - Size bars are added below each image showing average forewing length. - Taxonomy and nomenclature conform to the latest checklist (but old Bradley numbers are still included). - Maps included for every species for the first time. - Covers all of the British Isles (Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man) plus the Channel Islands. - Excludes butterflies and caterpillars to make room for much greater coverage of true moths. With many people now setting up their own backyard moth traps, and many others who are simply curious to know which species are fluttering around their light bulbs, this book provides a superb introduction to this fascinating insect group.

"Jam-packed with photographs . . . this book really is superb and the quality of the photographs excellent. I'd say that you should make room on your bookshelf for this but I suspect you will use it so frequently it will rarely be on the shelf!" "--""Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society " "A real breakthrough . . . There are two main points which make this book such a winner: the photographs and the range . . . I enthusiastically recommend this book." "--""The London Naturalist " "One of the most comprehensive guides to the subject ever published." "--""Bexley Times"

Chris Manley is an author, sculptor and moth specialist. Beyond his detailed knowledge of lepidopterans gained through years of study, Chris is an insect photographer of rare talent. His previous book "The Moths of Trigon," is a photographic guide to the 500 species recorded in that corner of Dorset. He is also the compiler of a comprehensive app covering the Butterflies of Europe.


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