Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers.pdf

Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers.pdf


In Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers experienced game designer Ethan Ham presents game mechanic design in a step-by-step format that takes the reader from thinking about games to actually making them. The book reaches beyond simple description and definition to explore in detail the issues that designers grapple with for every game they create. Fully playable games and exercises are included and accompany every topic so the reader truly understands and experiences the subject matter. Many students of game design come to the topic knowing surprising little about game mechanics. Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers addresses this game illiteracy by not only offering game mechanics analysis, but also providing readers with opportunities to try out tabletop game mechanics for themselves. This is a benefit for not only the reader, but also a course instructor. Having playable games accompanying the book makes it possible to have a shared set of games that can be referenced in class discussion and assignments. Specifically, the book includes: Simple, highly focused games that can be played, analyzed, improved, and/or modified in conjunction with a particular topic in the book. More elaborate, fully playable games (in the form of pdf downloads) that are referenced throughout the text. Online content in the form of computer game prototypes and examples Integrated game design exercises.

Ethan Ham has eleven years experience in the computer game & media industry as a game designer, programmer, and producer. He has worked at companies ranging from small startups to Electronic Arts, a Fortune 500 corporation. While at Electronic Arts he served as Live Producer for the award-winning Sims Online at the Maxis game studio. Prior to joining Electronic Arts, Ethan co-founded Digital Addiction, an online game company where he led game development and eventually the company itself. Digital Addiction's flagship game, Sanctum, was selected as Game Industry News Online Game of the Year and was a Webby Award nominee. Its innovative business model and gameplay received coverage from a wide array of media including The New York Times. In addition to his ongoing work developing and writing about games, Ethan is an Associate Professor of New Media and the Director of the Electronic Design & Multimedia and the Digital & Interdisciplinary Art Practice programs at the City University of New York.

Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: Foundations Chapter 3: Creating Tabletop Games Chapter 4: Playtesting Tabletop Games Chapter 5: Rules Chapter 6: Themes Chapter 7: Beginnings, Endings, & Elminiation Chapter 8: Movement & Space Chapter 9: Actions & Choices Chapter 10: Chance Chapter 11: Economies Chapter 12: Balance Chapter 13: Computer Turns, Ticks, & Time Chapter 14: Designing Autonomy Chapter 15: Paper Prototying Computer Games


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