Ethics: A Beginner's Guide.pdf

Ethics: A Beginner's Guide.pdf


How ought we to live? Should we aim to maximise happiness? Are there certain characteristics that we should try to foster within ourselves? From Utilitarianism to Kant's Categorical Imperative, from the Ancient Greeks to Sartre, Peter Cave presents ethics through a fascinating global historical lens, and relates it to everyday life and 21st century politics. He traces the development of this key branch of philosophy up to the present day, introducing readers to all the main schools of thought. With his characteristic wit and clarity, Cave takes on good and evil, existentialism and relativism, and handily guides us around some of the most common potholes in ethical reasoning. Applying moral theory to topical and controversial issues like the environment, abortion, and animal welfare, this is the essential primer to the subject.

'Britain's wittiest philosopher.' -- Raymond Tallis 'Unputdownable... a must-read book.' -- Professor Timothy Chappell, The Open University on Can a Robot Be Human?

Peter Cave lectures in philosophy for The Open University and New York University (London). He frequently contributes to philosophy magazines and journals, lectures around the world, and has scripted and presented philosophy programmes for the BBC. He is the author of eight books on philosophy, including Humanism: A Beginner's Guide and the bestselling Can a Robot be Human?: 33 Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles.


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