Kitchen and Bath Sustainable Design: Conservation, Materials, Practices.pdf

Kitchen and Bath Sustainable Design: Conservation, Materials, Practices.pdf


The leading industry association's handbook for going green in the kitchen and bath Kitchen & Bath Sustainable Design is the National Kitchen and Bath Association's complete guide to "greening" these important rooms. The first book to focus exclusively on kitchen and bath sustainability, this full color guide covers every consideration for both remodels and new construction, making it a handy reference for any kitchen and bath professional. Case studies of award-winning projects demonstrate how space, budget, and sustainability can come together to create beautiful, functional, efficient rooms, and illustrations throughout provide visual examples of the techniques discussed. The book includes information on greening one's practice for the client's benefit, plus an appendix of additional resources and instructional materials for classroom use. Outside of general heating and cooling, kitchen appliances use the bulk of a household's energy. Kitchens and baths together use an average of 300 gallons of water per day for a family of four, and both rooms are high-use areas that require good air quality. Kitchen & Bath Sustainable Design provides a handbook to designing these rooms for sustainability, without sacrificing comfort or livability. With comprehensive guidance on approaching these rooms sustainably, readers will: Communicate better with builders, clients, and potential clients Understand technical considerations, and the criteria that make a design "green" Conduct a full design analysis, including life cycle costing and efficiency Learn the ratings systems and standards in play in the green kitchen and bath The biggest elements of sustainable interior design-energy efficiency, water use, and materials selection-are all major players in the kitchen and bath. Clients are increasingly demanding attention to sustainability issues, and designers must be up to date on the latest guidelines, best practices, and technology. Kitchen & Bath Sustainable Design is the complete technical and practical guide to green design for the kitchen and bath professional.

Preface Acknowledgements Chapter 1 Understanding The Need For Sustainable Design The Triple Bottom Line Approach Designing for Benefit Summary Review Questions Chapter 2 What Defines Sustainability? Embodied Energy Renewable Resources The Affordable Comfort Perspective Forest Stewardship Council Summary Review Questions Chapter 3 Sustainable Construction The Path you Take - Beyond Code Window Specification Walls and Insulation Heating and Cooling Water Conservation and Distribution Deconstruction Space Planning Summary Review Questions Chapter 4 Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality - why should we care? Kitchen Ventilation Bathroom Ventilation Make-up Air Summary Review Questions Chapter 5 Materials, Appliances, And Fixtures Getting Started Embodied Energy Life Cycle Assessment Materials Wall Finishes Sealers Fixtures & Fittings Water Heating and Distribution Summary Review Questions Chapter 6 Creating An Environmentally Sustainable Design Practice Why create an environmentally sustainable design practice? Green Processes Today's Green Client Incorporating Systems Thinking in Your Business Summary Review Questions Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Glossary Resources Index


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