Beginning Java Programming: The Object Oriented Approach.pdf

Beginning Java Programming: The Object Oriented Approach.pdf


A comprehensive Java guide, with samples, exercises, case studies, and step-by-step instruction Beginning Java Programming: The Object Oriented Approach is a straightforward resource for getting started with one of the world's most enduringly popular programming languages. Based on classes taught by the authors, the book starts with the basics and gradually builds into more advanced concepts. The approach utilizes an integrated development environment that allows readers to immediately apply what they learn, and includes step-by-step instruction with plenty of sample programs. Each chapter contains exercises based on real-world business and educational scenarios, and the final chapter uses case studies to combine several concepts and put readers' new skills to the test. Beginning Java Programming: The Object Oriented Approach provides both the information and the tools beginners need to develop Java skills, from the general concepts of object-oriented programming. Learn to: Understand the Java language and object-oriented concept implementation Use Java to access and manipulate external data Make applications accessible to users with GUIs Streamline workflow with object-oriented patterns The book is geared for those who want to use Java in an applied environment while learning at the same time. Useful as either a course text or a stand-alone self-study program, Beginning Java Programming is a thorough, comprehensive guide.

Bart Baesens is an associate professor at KU Leuven, and a lecturer at the University of Southampton where he teaches various programming courses including Java, SQL, Basic Programming and Principles of Database Management. Hes been published in journals such as Machine Learning, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Journal of Machine Learning Research and has presented at international top conferences. Aimee Backiel is a PhD Researcher at KU Leuven. She leads Basic Programming in Java exercise sessions with university students from various disciplines, giving her insight into students needs and a multitude of practical examples that make Java applications more concrete and understandable to learners who may or may not be technically oriented. Seppe vanden Broucke is a PhD researcher KU Leuven. He has many years experience with Java and applies it on a daily basis for his own research. His background provides with the necessary insights to present technical topics to a broad audience and highlight concrete and useful applications for practitioners.


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