Tensegrity Structures: Form, Stability, and Symmetry.pdf

Tensegrity Structures: Form, Stability, and Symmetry.pdf


To help deeper understanding of tensegrity structures, this book focuses on the two key problems in designing a tensegrity structure: self-equilibrium form and stability. In particular, the structures' symmetry properties are extensively utilized. In this book, conditions for self-equilibrium as well as super-stability of a general prestressed pin-jointed structures are presented first; an efficient numerical method is then presented for finding the self-equilibrated configuration that guarantees the super-stability of a tensegrity structure; furthermore, the super-stability conditions of the structures with high level of symmetry, say dihedral symmetry and polyhedral symmetry, are analytically derived via group representation theory. This book is easily accessible not only to engineers and scientists, but also to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. Both students and professionals will find their own areas of interest in the book. Keeping this objective in mind, the presentation of this book is comprehensive and detailed, with plenty of examples.

Basic Formulations for Equilibrium and Stiffness.- Stability Conditions.- Adaptive Force Density Method.- Symmetry-adapted Formulations.- Structures with Dihedral Symmetry.- Structures with Polyhedral Symmetries.


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