Large-Scale Scrum: More with Less.pdf

Large-Scale Scrum: More with Less.pdf


In Large-Scale Scrum, Craig Larman and Bas Vodde offer the most direct, concise, actionable guide to reaping the full benefits of agile in distributed, global enterprises. Larman and Vodde have distilled their immense experience helping geographically distributed development organizations move to agile. Going beyond their previous books, they offer today's fastest, most focused guidance: "brass tacks" advice and field-proven best practices for achieving value fast, and achieving even more value as you move forward. Targeted to enterprise project participants and stakeholders, Large-Scale Scrum offers straight-to-the-point insights for scaling Scrum across the entire project lifecycle, from sprint planning to retrospective. Larman and Vodde help you: * Implement proven Scrum frameworks for large-scale developments * Scale requirements, planning, and product management * Scale design and architecture * Effectively manage defects and interruptions * Integrate Scrum into multisite and offshore projects * Choose the right adoption strategies and organizational designs This will be the go-to resource for enterprise stakeholders at all levels: everyone who wants to maximize the value of Scrum in large, complex projects.

Preface Introduction 1. Large-Scale Scrum Framework 1 2. Scaling the Scrum Events: From Sprint Planning to Retrospective 3. Large-Scale Scrum Framework 2 4. Scaling Requirements 5. Scaling Planning and Product Management 6. Scaling Design and Architecture 7. Handling Defects and Interruptions 8. Multisite and Offshore 9. Adoption Strategies 10. Organizational Design Appendices


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