Business Information Systems: 17th International Conference, BIS 2014, Larnaca, Cyprus, May 22-23, 2014, Proceedings....pdf

Business Information Systems: 17th International Conference, BIS 2014, Larnaca, Cyprus, May 22-23, 2014, Proceedings....pdf


This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Business Information Systems, BIS 2014, held in Larnaca, Cyprus, in May 2014. The BIS conference series follows trends in academic and business research; thus, the theme of the BIS 2014 conference was "Big Data: Problems Solved and Remaining Challenges." Currently, big data is one of the most prominent trends in areas such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, risk modeling, marketing campaign and social network analysis. The 22 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 58 submissions. They are grouped into sections on big data, business process management, ontologies and conceptual modeling, collaboration, service science and interoperability and specific BIS applications.

Optimizing Big Data Management Using Conceptual Graphs: A Mark-Based Approach.- Drug Fusion - Retrieval Knowledge Management for Prediction of Adverse Drug Events.- Prescriptive Analytics for Recommendation-Based Business Process Optimization.- Towards Planning and Control of Business Processes Based on Event-Based Predictions.- Big Data as Strategic Enabler - Insights from Central European Enterprises.- Appification of Enterprise Software: A Multiple-Case Study of Big Data Business Applications.- Temporal Reconfiguration-Based Orchestration Engine in the Cloud Computing.- Data State Description for the Migration to Activity-Centric Business Process Model Maintaining Legacy Databases.- Change Analysis for Artifact-Centric Business Processes.- Component-Based Development of a Metadata Data-Dictionary.- Intelligent System for Time Series Prediction in Stock Exchange Markets.- Natural Language Processing for Biomedical Tools Discovery: A Feasibility Study and Preliminary Results.- Automatic Generation of Questionnaires for Supporting Users during the Execution of Declarative Business Process Models.- Complexity-Aware Software Process Management: A Case of Scrum in Network Organization.- LCBM: Statistics-Based Parallel Collaborative Filtering.- Metamodel of a Logistics Service Map.- Yet another SLA-Aware WSC System.- Processes within the Context of Cloud Operations Management: A Literature Reflection.- Resource Mining: Applying Process Mining to Resource-Oriented Systems.- User-Defined Rules Made Simple with Functional Programming.- Risk Awareness in Open Source Component Selection.- Continuous Quality Improvement in Logistics Service Provisioning.


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