Kant- Lexikon.pdf

Kant- Lexikon.pdf


Kant's revolutionary new approach to philosophy was accompanied by the introduction of a largely novel terminology. This led to the publication of a number of commentaries, dictionaries and compendia even while he was still alive. Although a tradition of Kant dictionaries developed over the centuries, no lexical reference work has been available for a considerable time which gives the modern reader access to Kant's work on the basis of present-day editions of Kant's work and takes into account 20th century Kant research and advances in lexicology. It is to meet this need that a new three-volume Kant Lexicon is in preparation. With some 2000 entries, it will provide a comprehensive compendium containing all of Kant's philosophically relevant terms, all the personal names referred to by Kant and relevant to his philosophy, together with all the titles of his works.


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