GMDH-Methodology and Implementation in C.pdf

GMDH-Methodology and Implementation in C.pdf


The Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) is a typical inductive modeling method built on the principles of self-organization. Since its introduction, inductive modeling has been developed and applied to complex systems in areas like prediction, modeling, clusterization, system identification, as well as data mining and knowledge extraction technologies, to several fields such as social science, science, engineering, medicine, etc. This book makes error-free codes available to end-users so that these codes could be used to understand the implementation of GMDH, and then create opportunities to further develop the variants of GMDH algorithms. The C-language has been chosen because it is a basic language commonly taught in the first course in computer programming in most universities and colleges, and the compiled versions could be used for more meaningful practical applications where security is necessary.

GMDH Multilayered Algorithm (G Onwubolu); GMDH Multilayered Algorithm using Prior Information (A Kiryanov); GMDH Combinatorial Algorithm (G Onwubolu); GMDH Harmonic Algorithm (G Onwubolu); GMDH-based PNN Algorithm (A Andrakhanov); GMDH Objective Cluster Analysis Algorithm (L Sarycheva & A Sarychev); Quality Criteria for GMDH-Clustering (L Sarycheva); Multi-agent Clustering Algorithm (A A Olejnik et al.); GMDH Analogue Complexing Algorithm (D A Zubov).


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