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"Inventive and entrancing. . . . This adaptation by Liza Lorwin flashes with humor and adventure calculated to entertain youngsters without shying from the dark themes that address and move adults."-"The New York Times""Delightfully engaging and theatrically magical . . . Mabou Mines uncovers deeper layers of meaning in a story most of us thought we knew well. Like J.M. Barrie, Liza Lorwin] is interested in more provocative stories of growth and loss."-"San Francisco Examiner"The legendary Mabou Mines theater company, under the direction of Lee Breuer, created "Peter and Wendy" as an original piece of fantastical puppetry in 1996. Since then, in every city where it has been performed, it has charmed audiences anew and has been met with enthusiastic critical reviews. This story of Peter Pan and the Darling family is an inspired adaptation of J.M. Barrie's 1911 novel, in which the meditation on the loss of childhood is more lyrically reflected upon than the original stage version. With the help of shadow puppets in the Japanese bunraku tradition, "Peter and Wendy" straddles two worlds, between the real and make-believe-making it perfectly at home in the theater.Liza Lorwin has been associated with Mabou Mines since 1979 and served as producer on a number of their seminal works, including "The Gospel at Colonus," "The Warrior Ant," and "Peter and Wendy." She has written two other plays, "Salt" and "Lacuna," and has published fiction.


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