XAML Unleashed.pdf

XAML Unleashed.pdf


If you want to write modern Windows apps with XAML, one person can help you more than anyone else: Adam Nathan. He helped create XAML, and has established a well-deserved reputation as the world's #1 expert on putting it to work in Microsoft development. Now, he's written the definitive, practical XAML tutorial and reference: XAML Unleashed. Nathan covers every facet of XAML development for desktop Windows, Windows Phone, and the Windows Store, including: * Essential XAML language concepts and techniques * Mixing XAML with code * Extending XAML * Taking advantage of XAML 2009 language improvements * Graphics: arranging elements, using automatic layout, and generating 2D/3D visuals * Using controls for content, items, images, text, media, and more * Exploiting XAML resources, data binding capabilities, styles, and templates * Generating animations * Creating advanced layouts with Custom Panels * Exploring XAML readers and writers

Introduction Part I: The XAML Language 1. What is XAML? 2. Mixing XAML with Code 3. Extending XAML 4. Improvements in XAML2009 Part II: Graphics 5. Arranging Elements 6. Automatic Layout 7. 2D Graphics 8. 3D Graphics Part III: Controls 9. Content Controls 10. Items Controls 11. Images 12. Text 13. Audio and Video 14. Other Controls 15. User Controls and Custom Controls Part IV: Exploiting XAML Features 16. Resources 17. Data Binding 18. Styles and Templates 19. Animation Part V: Advanced Features 20. Layout with Custom Panels 21. Fun with XAML Readers and Writers


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