Principles of Tropical Horticulture.pdf

Principles of Tropical Horticulture.pdf


"Principles of Tropical Horticulture" leads the reader through a background of environmental influences and plant physiology to an understanding of production and postharvest systems, environmental adaptation techniques, and marketing strategies. Focusing on the principles behind production practices and their scientific basis, rather than detailed biological traits of each crop, this text outlines successes and failures in practices to date and sets out how the quantity and quality of horticultural produce can improve in the future. Case studies are frequently used and chapters cover the production of vegetables, fruit and ornamental crops, including temperate zone crops adapted to grow in the tropics. This title is suitable for upper lever undergraduate and postgraduate students in horticulture and agriculture.

David J Midmore, University of Reading, UK

1. The Current Situation: Value, Trade and Nutrition 2. The Tropical Environment and the Physiology of Horticultural Crops in the Tropics 3. Horticultural Production Systems 4. Supply Chain Management: The Field 5. Supply Chain Management: Post-harvest 6. Supply Chain Management: Marketing 7. The Future of Tropical Horticulture


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