The MomShift: Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Having Children.pdf

The MomShift: Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Having Children.pdf


The MomShift showcases the stories of a diverse range of women sharing the multitude of ways they achieved greater career success after starting their families.
          Women are regularly told that having children will hurt their careers--until now. In The MomShift, Reva Seth talked to over 500 mothers from a broad range of professional and personal backgrounds who have defied cultural expectations and achieved greater professional success after starting their families.
     For these women and others like them, having children actually enhanced their work life: by helping them prioritize and set bigger goals, inspiring them to work harder and smarter or even spurring them to start their own businesses. As Rebecca Woolf--of Girl's Gone Child blog fame--puts it, "Motivation, thy name is parenthood."
     But as Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook has pointed out, when an already busy women starts thinking about having a child, she frequently steps back from her career goals. Enter The MomShift, which covers areas such as how much we really need to "lean in," whether there's a "best time" to have a baby, the benefits of re-framing maternity leave, ambition, financial concerns, the changing nature of careers, and whether work/life balance really exists for working mothers. The result is a reassuring, supportive and inspirational resource that emphasizes there is no one right way to balance careers and family, and that illustrates the many choices women have today.

 Praise for The Momshift:

   • "[A] must-read for every career-minded mother." Winnipeg Free Press 

   • "These are the kinds of stories we need to keep telling each other [t]hen maybe ... we can have a more balanced discussion about an issue that is critical to our future productivity and well-being." The Globe and Mail

REVA SETH is an author and entrepreneur who regularly speaks on issues related to working mothers. She was a corporate lawyer and then moved into strategic and corporate communications. Seth has written for the Atlantic, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business and the Huffington Post, and has been featured on 20/20, Canada A.M., and Steven and Chris. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three boys.


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